FACT: Protecting Operational and Information technologies independently – and from each other – is an enormous, complex problem that is unsolvable using conventional IT-based approaches and cyber solutions.
“Things” offer hackers cross-contamination access to and from IT systems and they open doors to physical and financial damage and – in many cases – put lives at risk.

So why is IoT security such a difficult and unique problem? The answer is simple…

IT and OT are very different. Cameras and HVAC systems are not like laptops – and need to be secured and managed differently. In addition, the volume and diversity of OT makes it impossible to address the threat if we approach it in a device-by-device way. That means traditional IT management and cyber approaches fall short. The extended life cycle of OT also means there is a growing inventory of devices and systems that will likely be around for a long, long time.

Our product platform, Secure IoT, protects all Operational Technologies (OT) in an enterprise to ensure their safe operations without compromise. Our solution is vendor and device agnostic, making it seamlessly interoperable with all existing devices and systems – old and new. With Secure IoT there is no need for third-party systems or tools.

Control systems and devices become invisible and inaccessible to hackers and unauthorized insiders – regardless of manufacturer, age, operating system, or protocol. To improve our solution, we have built-in continuous monitoring of devices and management of communications that ensures connectivity, the identification of anomalous behavior and “Smart Alerts”. If we find a problem, we automatically isolate and contain the potential problem, limiting the spread of potential problems.

OEMs as well as enterprises can lower costs and increase efficiencies through our secure connectivity across the Internet and enterprise networks. With Secure IoT, updating devices and control systems becomes more secure and less expensive.

Secure IoT was conceived and designed by our team of security professionals who have years of experience delivering enterprise protection in the Public and Private sectors. Our goal from the beginning has been to bring the same level of protection to IoT that our military and Intelligence communities employ to protect our nation’s most critical assets.

The Result?

Secure IoT customers can dramatically reduce their attack surface – and the costs associated with private IP addresses, Certificates and Access Control Lists (ACLs) are all reduced.