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Cyberattacks are on the rise and are driven by well-financed groups and nation-states that exploit flaws and vulnerabilities in IT networks, Operational Technology, remote access systems and mobile devices.

A data breach caused by a malicious attack or hidden malware in your systems can go undetected for months (300+ days on average), leaving your network exposed to data theft, ransomware, damage and hijacking.

Secure. Simplify. Save.

Onclave’s platform delivers a better approach to dramatically secure your network as it aligns with the NIST Zero Trust architecture. When deployed, the Onclave solution allows CIOs and CISOs to simplify the way they oversee their data with lower risk and at a lower overall cost to the enterprise.

Learn how our proven, Zero Trust solution can protect your enterprise


Your Attack Surface Is Greater Than You May Think

Operational technology, IoT devices and remote access are not protected by traditional IT security solutions.

Informational Technology
Points of Entry

3 operating systems at most

“Current” endpoints (18-24 months)

IP addresses (easy to locate)

Little or no critical danger if the network or peripheral must be cut off for a period of time (i.e., no lives are at stake)

Operational Technology
Points of Entry

Any of 90,000 operating systems

30+ years old

Harder to locate, some with no IP address

Cutting off this type of technology to deal with a breach can result in loss of assets, or human lives

Solution Comparison

Included is 24/7/365 management of communications and monitoring of devices to ensure connectivity and to identify anomalous behavior, alerting enterprise management to potential problems in real time.

How It Works

With Secure IoT Managed Service, your systems and devices become invisible to hackers while remaining operational and accessible only to authorized users. Our solution isolates, contains, and protects all OT regardless of manufacturer, age, operating system, or protocol.

The Secure IoT solution can be deployed without changes to existing network architectures or equipment, protecting entire buildings and enterprises quickly, inexpensively, and with no special training or certifications. Your organization benefits from a dramatically reduced attack surface, as well as a reduction in the expenses associated with the purchase and management of IP addresses, Certificates, and Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Secure IoT Managed Service is, quite simply, your most effective, cost-efficient safeguard against a security breach.

Tested at the National Cyber Range by the Secretary of Defense, the Secure IoT solution has been proven to separate OT and IT from crossover and outside breaches 100% of the time.

The Onclave Advantage

Secure. Simplify. Save.

With increasing numbers of mobile users, satellite infrastructures, data and connected devices located outside the protection of traditional network security, Onclave ensures the security, privacy, and integrity of networks for your enterprise.


"Onclave has leveraged the networking technique currently used by the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense and transformed it into a scalable, commercially available solution."

Daryl Haegley GICSP, OCP Department of Defense

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